October 26, 2011

Remember to "follow"!

Hey, I just want to thank all my readers for their support. Also I want to thank Seth Jorgenson from Halo Reach Pro Tips for doing a little advertising on his own blog. Since I started The Halo Expert on monday, I've gotten over 215 pageviews, 200 of them just today. But it seems as if I still only have 1 follower. Please, when you visit my site, remember to click "follow". Thanks.


  1. Josh(AKA Halo Nerd)October 27, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    Dude you should put Halo wikia on your friends list. They got alot of accurate stuff.

  2. halopedia IS halo wikia. basically. it has exactly the same content, but i like the look of the site better. I'll do it anyway.