December 3, 2011

Surviving The Library

       Halo: CE's The Library is arguably one of Halo's hardest, most terrifying levels - besides Cortana. I remember dying countless times in the Library. Sometimes I would rage-quit, other times I would keep at it. Here, I'm going to give you the tips I've learned and heard that will help you get through The Library in one peice.

  •        Take it a little at a time.
The first time I played The Library, I didn't know it was so long. So, I just started running, throwing grenades at my feet. This, of course, didn't work. So I tried a new tactic, and I've used this ever since. By taking it one "segment" at a time, and backing against a wall, I found that I didn't get surrounded. I would get in front of one "Flood duct", which spawned the Flood forms, and when they started coming out, I ran to the wall. Throw a grenade into their midst to thin them out, then go for the Combat forms first.

  • Use the Shotgun/Assault Rifle combo.
 The Shotgun is great against the Combat/Carrier forms, and the ammo can sometimes be scarce, so I don't like to waste it on the Infection forms. So I use the Shotgun on the Combat/Carrier, and short bursts of the Assault Rifle for the Infection forms. Sometimes, if there aren't that many, and I feel relatively safe, I'll just let the Infection forms pop themselves on me to conserve ammo.

  •  Play it safe.
If you see a particularly large horde coming at you, throw a grenade or two (preferably Frag) to cut some of them down. Don't go in guns-a-blazing, because it will be moot.
  •  Help the Sentinels.
When the Sentinels come to help you, don't let them do all the work. Go for the Combat forms with your Shotgun, because sometimes they jump up and "kill" the Sentinels. Then, leave the Carrier/Infection forms to them. And remember to stay out of their way. A few intersecting Sentinel Beams can take out your shields, and sometimes (in my experience) kill you.

       So, that's all I have for now, but I may add/edit it sometime in the future. Keep an eye out, because I have several new posts coming soon, including: Halo Evolutions review, Halo Graphic Novel review, and Halo CEA Terminal and Skull locations.

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